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Connected Car

Kymeta is delivering solutions for the next generation of mobile connectivity with its mTenna technology to meet the increasing need for cars, trucks, buses, off-road vehicles, RVs, and civilian armored vehicles to stay connected.

Connected Car

 Connected car

Consumers want a safe, secure and an entertaining transportation experience. Now OEMs and vehicle modifiers have access to worldwide satellite connectivity that can provide telematics, software and firmware updates, mapping, infotainment, and access to the internet globally.


Thin and powerful

The Kymeta system gives consumers the ability to receive up to 50+ Mbps down and 10+ Mbps up with various satellite systems. Our antenna fits between the headliner and the roof with between 8-12 cm in depth and is compatible with most OEM inline manufactured roof specifications.


Unmatched security  

Satellite provides the securest global communication platform, integrating the four elements of risk reduction: authentication, system integrity, application security, and attack surface reduction. In addition to leveraging this secure network, the Kymeta zero profile solution to satellite communications is perfect for applications where it is important not to draw attention to communications capabilities,


Connect globally

Kymeta mTenna technology and global services can deliver your firmware over-the- air (FOTA), software over-the-air (SOTA), updates and telematics information globally—making sure cars have the necessary updates to keep them safe while eliminating the need to visit a dealership.

Kymeta's Connected Car Across America
Across America

KymetaConnected™, a Toyota 4Runner equipped with our mTenna® technology, toured America to show everyone the benefits of connectivity where coverage and capacity can't meet today's demands. #KyTrek

Map Across America
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With its first-of-a-kind satellite technology that can connect anything that moves, Kymeta is delivering on the promise of connectivity. Our terminals are flat, light, and have no moving parts, bringing high-throughput communication to vehicles and places it has never been before.

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