A Stunning Sea Change

The beautiful lines of a well-designed superyacht are a form of art to behold. Yet until now, one thing has continued to destroy truly elegant superyacht design—the domes associated with satellite systems.

A New Wave in Communications.

Imagine the possibilities of a truly flat, integrated satellite antenna design that can be embedded in the superstructure of a yacht, eliminating the need for large satellite domes. Flat panels are here and it is time to start planning for your next domeless yacht.

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Kymeta mTenna® technology delivers:

  • A flat panel design for a more elegant superyacht
  • An electronically steered antenna with no mechanical parts eliminates satellite domes
  • An antenna with low power requirements
  • A scalable design to support ultra-high bandwidth. Kymeta solutions can scale as your requirements grow over time, as opposed to today’s solutions that are more limited
  • A lighter form factor that provides more flexibility for superyacht connectivity
  • In partnership with Panasonic, delivering both Internet and live TV entertainment through one antenna
  • A future-proof solution that will work with MEO and LEO satellites when they become available

Kymeta mTenna technology will be commercially available in 2017.

Kymeta is leading a new wave of innovation that will change the way superyachts are designed with the imminent launch of a first-of-its-kind flat panel satellite antenna.

Kymeta’s mTenna technology is electronically steered eliminating mechanical equipment. It is lightweight, flat, thin, and self-acquiring. Plus, it scales to support significantly higher internet connection speeds and live entertainment from the same flat panel. Kymeta is already working with the world’s leading yacht builders, designers, and management companies on new builds and retrofits.

“Kymeta’s flat panel antennas improve superyacht visual appearance, because they can be embedded into the frame of a vessel or installed as a single antenna in replacement of traditional options that are large, heavy and ugly.”

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