Delivering Affordable Broadband at 33,000 ft.

One of the most compelling product opportunities for Kymeta is the mTenna aeronautical terminal. This terminal will address the growing demand for affordable broadband internet access for passengers on commercial airlines.

For the first time, the form factor advantages of the mTenna terminal will enable the delivery of affordable broadband Internet access to passengers on all categories of aircraft, including small regional aircraft, small private airplanes and jets. Similarly, the mTenna aeronautical terminal can address the government’s existing requirement for high speed, beyond line-of-sight uplinks from large Remotely Piloted Vehicles (RPV), and also enable a comparable capability for much smaller RPVs.

Kymeta and Inmarsat have signed an agreement to develop a satellite antenna enabling business jets of any size to access high-speed broadband connectivity globally through Inmarsat’s industry transforming Global Xpress (GX) service. The advanced and proprietary Kymeta Aero Antenna will only be available to GX users and opens up new opportunities for the two companies in the rapidly expanding business aviation market.


Applications are expected to include:

  • Lightweight (few kg per panel)
  • Low profile (large available aperture)
  • Modular, can be sized as need
  • Very low drive power
  • Compatibility with composite fuselages
  • No beam skew issues due to square aperture
  • Lower life-cycle costs