Metamaterials Surface Antenna Technology

mTenna utilizes new reconfigurable antenna technology: Metamaterials Surface Antenna Technology (MSA-T). MSA-T enables wide-angle, all-electronic beam steering from a proprietary, PCB-like surface that can be manufactured using a mature and affordable lithography manufacturing infrastructure.

The reconfigurability is achieved through the use of a standard PCB-like circuit board composed of several thousand sub-wavelength resonators (see photo above) that can be individually tuned. This PCB-like board is attached to a conventional feed structure. Thus, as the RF energy propagates through the system, individual tunable elements can be activated (i.e., turned “on”) to scatter a portion of this RF energy out of the guided mode. It is the pattern of activated tunable elements that determines the shape and direction of the radiated wave through the formation of a reconfigurable grating. Changing the pattern of activated elements changes the shape and direction of the beam. The net result is an antenna with the dynamic performance of a phased array, but without the need for phase shifters, related amplifiers and other components.