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KyTrek Trooper Leg 1: Seattle to Boise to Salt Lake City

By David Lamme, KGS Program Manager

It’s been a hectic few days since leaving Redmond. I drove to Salt Lake City through rain, wind and hail to visit the fine engineers at a large defense systems integrator. Even on their day off, about 20 people came to see Kymeta mTenna™ technology in action – and it did not disappoint. I felt like a carnival ride operator as I gave driving demonstrations to groups of engineers. They marveled at how well Kymeta’s system tracked the signal, immediately reacquiring even after line of sight to the satellite was lost. They were so enthusiastic that the demo went much longer than anticipated.

After Salt Lake City, I started towards Grand Junction, CO. During this time cellular reception was nonexistent, and the only thing keeping me company as I crossed the Utah wasteland between Green River and Fruita was my trusty KyWay terminal.

After a night in Grand Junction, I woke to glorious western Colorado sunshine! I snaked my way through the mountain passes and had surprisingly good connectivity in areas where I was sure the satellite connection would be lost. The highlight of this part of the trip was meeting up for dinner with my daughter in Denver at the Hong Kong Café.

After dinner, I drove to Colorado Springs where I am currently sitting in my hotel parking lot streaming videos and running this laptop on the Kymeta system. Tomorrow I meet with more defense systems integrators, and make a trip to the top of Pike’s Peak.


About KyTrek 2:

David, from Kymeta’s Government Solutions team, is driving across America in a Toyota RAV4 equipped with a KyWay terminal – demonstrating mobile, reliable connectivity via satellite for two months stretching over 6,000 miles. The RAV4 will be featured at major industry events like MILSATCOM 2017, the Memorial Day Concert in Washington D.C. and TU-Automotive Detroit in June, visiting customers all over the United States on the way. Follow the entire journey and experience connectivity on the move unlike anything seen before! #KyTrek

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