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KyTrek Trooper Leg 2: Colorado Springs to Houston

By David Lamme, KGS Program Manager

Last week, I saw several customers in Colorado Springs who were all very excited to get a close-up look at the technology. They were extremely impressed by the system’s ability to maintain connection while driving in a tight, high velocity circle. Some were skeptical but could only say, “Wow!”, when we executed the complicated maneuver.

After the visit, I returned to my hotel where the new mounting hardware for the terminal was waiting for me. Kymeta’s automotive engineering team did an incredible job fabricating the enclosure and mounting system – all I had to do was install it. I went to the auto hobby shop at the Air Force Academy where I could escape the weather. While there, a young man changing the shocks and springs on his old Ford Bronco stopped by and asked what I was doing. It turns out he was a former satellite communications technician in the military. He told me he would have loved to have Kymeta’s connectivity capabilities on previous missions.

Thursday was MILSATCOM 2017 at the Mining Exchange Hotel in downtown Colorado Springs. Kymeta’s connected car was on prominent display in front of the hotel, and we provided technology demonstrations to everyone at the show including several high-ranking military officials. Speaking presentations focused on the current and future challenges of military satellite communications.

After MILSATCOM, it was time to hit the road for Tucumcari, New Mexico. I found out what off-the-grid really means on the stretch from Roy to Logan: no cell service and only six cars passing in the opposite direction for over 68 miles. The town of Roy has no cell service, but I stayed connected. This is rugged country, and people may find themselves in serious trouble during emergencies because there are very few stops and no way to call for help, but with the KyWay terminal I stayed connected the entire leg!

Tomorrow I’m off to Houston for more customer demonstrations.


David, from Kymeta’s Government Solutions team, is driving across America in a Toyota RAV4 equipped with a KyWay terminal – demonstrating mobile, reliable connectivity via satellite for two months stretching over 6,000 miles. The RAV4 will be featured at major industry events like MILSATCOM 2017, the Memorial Day Concert in Washington D.C. and TU-Automotive Detroit in June, visiting customers all over the United States on the way. Follow the entire journey and experience connectivity on the move unlike anything seen before! #KyTrek

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