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KyTrek Trooper Leg 3: Houston to Virginia Beach

By David Lamme, KGS Program Manager


I have now logged over 6,000 miles on my Kymeta KyWayTM terminal since leaving Redmond on April 19th, visiting over 15 different customers and partners across 7 states.


I’ve used capacity from the Intelsat satellite network from Redmond to Florida and up to Charleston, North Carolina. Even in remote locations with no cellular service, the KyWay satellite terminal has kept me connected to the world and to Kymeta headquarters in Redmond, Washington – enabling access via VPN to the corporate intranet, and allowing me to share my desktop remotely via Skype or WebEx with Kymeta software engineering teams, so they could directly observe the antennas performance while on the move. (Most importantly, I could video chat with my wife in areas where I had no cellular coverage!)


I’m also finding that Intelsat’s EpicNG Network is truly epic! The quality of the Kymeta KyWay terminal connection is phenomenal and I’ve experienced record high performance levels with terminal throughput that exceed those on the previous satellite, despite using less bandwidth.


Yesterday, I drove with one of our engineers for three hours to visit a customer. On the return trip, the engineer relaxed and watched Better Call Saul on Netflix through the Kymeta connection. Netflix buffered so far ahead via the Intelsat/KyWay terminal connection, that any line-of-sight obstructions to the satellite went unnoticed and the KyWay terminal would re-acquire so quickly that his Netflix binge went uninterrupted!


David, from Kymeta’s Government Solutions team, is driving across America in a Toyota RAV4 equipped with a KyWay terminal – demonstrating mobile, reliable connectivity via satellite for two months stretching over 6,000 miles. The RAV4 will be featured at major industry events like MILSATCOM 2017, the Memorial Day Concert in Washington D.C. and TU-Automotive Detroit in June, visiting customers all over the United States on the way. Follow the entire journey and experience connectivity on the move unlike anything seen before! #KyTrek

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