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Eclipse 2017: Cellular Service Along the Path of Totality

Nationwide, first responders along the Path of Totality for the Total Solar Eclipse have raised concerns about data connectivity during surges of visitation to these cities. And it’s no wonder. Cities like Greenville, South Carolina (population ~68,000) expect to see anywhere from 100,000 to 500,000 visitors on the day of the eclipse, putting a significant amount of pressure on LTE networks.

While major cellular carriers and city management have done everything possible to support the large expected turnout, it is possible that connectivity will still be slow, or too limited to use during the eclipse and for some time afterward. Michael Zeiler, of, used ESRI’s ArcGIS software and population statistics measurements to estimate the number of visitors to cities in the Path of Totality.

We checked it out at Great American Eclipse, along with cellular data support projections, and decided to head to Greenville, South Carolina, to offer uninterrupted mobile connectivity support to the Greenville Police Department. While our support can only be offered to one city during this large event, we know that in the future, Kymeta mTenna technology and KĀLO services will be able to make a difference for first responders around the world.

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