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TU-Automotive Japan

Vehicle connectivity and ADAS/autonomous technologies are indispensable for the future vehicle, one that can communicate with the world outside and drive itself powered by AI and sensors. Technologies both in and outside the vehicle are combining to create mobility-changing services, above and beyond conventional telematics and infotainment. What services will future users will demand, and how they can be realized and delivered?

TU-Automotive Japan 2017 will consolidate your understanding of the challenges ahead for the connected and autonomous vehicle. Gain insight from and debate with industry leaders and define your strategy for technology, the changing mobility landscape and user requirements.

Tom Freeman, Kymeta Senior Vice President, Land Mobile will present “Beyond 5G: Delivering a Radically Connected and Safe Car Experience”

Visit Kymeta outside the event venue for a live connected car experience!

10/17/17 - 10/18/17
The Westin Tokyo
Tokyo, Japan


TU-Automotive Japan 2017は、現在のコネクティッドカー・自動運転が直面している課題を整理し、ユーザーニーズや技術的観点、モビリティ社会の変化などから、今必要なアプローチを業界キーパーソンとともに深く掘り下げます。


TU-Automotive Japanの第一日にKymetaのLand Mobile、Senior Vice PresidentのTom Freemanが「5Gのその先へ: いつでもどこでも安全につながるクルマの実現に向けて」について講演します。またウェスティンホテルの駐車エリアで実際の車を使ったコネクティドカーのライブ・デモを行いますので、ぜひお立ち寄りください!