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February 8, 2017

Satellite 101 Series Part I: What is Satellite Connectivity?

We talk a lot about satellites at Kymeta. Specifically, how satellites are going to help us connect everything that moves,…

We talk a lot about satellites at Kymeta. Specifically, how satellites are going to help us connect everything that moves, why satellites are the solution to mobile connectivity, and how they are going to help us change communications by unlocking the full potential of connectivity for many industries.

You might be thinking – why satellite? What do satellites do that current connectivity solutions cannot?

The Need for More Coverage and Capacity

It’s important to understand that less than 10% of the earth is covered by land-based – or terrestrial – networks, and building out new infrastructure from the ground up would take billions of dollars and decades to implement. Add to this problem the number of connected devices coming into use every day and the future of mobile bandwidth becomes clear: the current path is unsustainable.

This means a vast portion of the planet – think non-metropolitan areas, in the sky, and on the water – would not be connected and will continue to be if we don’t look to alternatives outside of terrestrial networks. The good news is that there is over 5,000 times more satellite spectrum available than terrestrial spectrum. Plus, satellite provides a global footprint to connect things wherever they move.

Removing Barriers

With all of this potential for satellite to connect the world, the industry is ripe for disruption and on the verge of dramatic change. Today, large investments are being made to increase the number and distribution of satellites in space to address the coverage and capacity constraints of terrestrial networks as data demand skyrockets. The result will be a stronger, more available wireless network from space. However, the parabolic dish antennas that are currently used to access that space network are expensive, large, have mechanical parts that break and are difficult to set up.  They are also impossible to install on smaller, mobile platforms like cars.

This is the problem we are working to solve. We don’t want anyone to compromise their access to connectivity just because they are in a moving vehicle or traveling somewhere remote.

Connecting to Satellite

Today satellite connectivity is available nearly everywhere on Earth – on land, in the air or on the water. Kymeta will make it easy to connect wherever we go, regardless of how we get there.

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