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A 3,500-mile road trip connected 100% of the time.
In March 2020 we announced our next-generation u8 terminal, then Kymeta employees drove one across the United States. They never lost connectivity. A user will have up to 70% network access in the continental United States with cellular alone. With reliable connectivity more critical than ever before, people need a solution that can keep them connected, regardless of location. This is what Kymeta delivers. Access anywhere, anytime. The u8 is the culmination of 7 years of research and 2 years of field experience with the first-generation Kymeta u7 terminal. A host of new features, including seamless switching between satellite and cellular networks, ensures your connection never drops – even while on the move. Kymeta solutions are easy to buy, easy to install, and easy to use. With the most innovative flat-panel antenna in the world and flexible industry-first purchasing options Kymeta is delivering the future of mobile connectivity, today. Learn more about Kymeta Connect™ by visiting our website Making mobile global.™ To get connected, contact the Kymeta sales team:  

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