Intelsat FlexMove

FlexMove delivers ubiquitous, high-speed satellite connectivity up to 20x faster than legacy MSS solutions for a fraction of the cost

Kymeta manufactures and supplies the FlexMove-qualified terminals for Comms-on-the-Move applications with service plans available in flexible gigabyte packages designed to meet your unique customer needs.

The global FlexMove network extends the boundaries of terrestrial networks cost-consciously, while delivering data rates that far surpass mobile satellite services (MSS). With always-available network resources, FlexMove delivers ubiquitous, high-speed satellite connectivity up to 20 times faster than legacy MSS solutions for a fraction of the cost.

First responders demand connectivity choices that allow them to deploy the most optimal solution at any given time considering variables, such as reliability, coverage and expense. By augmenting existing solutions, FlexMove provides a seamless and simple way to integrate HTS into an SP’s connectivity solution suite.

Intelsat has simplified access to the FlexMove service by pre-qualifying a portfolio of innovative terminals. Whether you need connected mobility or portable connectivity, FlexMove has an appropriate terminal that is pre-configured to network specifications enabling easy access from any location. Virtually anyone can set up and get connected with FlexMove in just minutes without prior technical training.

  • Connected Mobility: Communications-on-the-Move (COTM) terminals for installation and use on moving vehicles, capable of delivering data speeds up to 5×2 Mbps. This solution is ideal for ambulances, paramedics, mobile command and test centers.
  • Portable Connectivity: Communications-on-the-Pause (COTP) terminals for temporary use in a fixed location that are lightweight and compact empowering end-users to simply “grab and go.” With speeds up to 10×3 Mbps, disaster relief crews have connectivity for temporary clinics and test facilities, field hospitals, plus food and medicine distribution.

The FlexMove end-to-end managed service can decrease response times significantly because users won’t waste valuable time trying to set up the terminal or manage the network.

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