Businesses can now work from anywhere. Integrated onto their vehicles or recreational vehicles, business-grade connectivity is available on the road or at a campsite far off in the mountains. Always have access to information and content reliably no matter how remote the job site, and experience increased efficiency by accessing communications, analytics, IoT devices and other critical elements.

Real-time network metrics

Support Features

Highly customizable with a variety of modems and BUCs

Hardware Adaption

Single point of control for global asset management

Service Options

Continuity of Operations

Kymeta Connect brings easy to use, always available continuity of operations when your main connectivity system goes down – a no-hassle back up plan

Industrial IoT

Attach the u8 Terminal with Kymeta connect to your industrial IoT gateway for maintenance-free access to your remote IoT data

Super Yachts

The u8 terminal brings seamless in-shore and at-sea connectivity for beach excursions, tenders, and smaller yachts, keeping you connected

Leisure Boating

Leisure boaters now have access to affordable in-shore and at-sea broadband connectivity through Kymeta Connect

Commercial Fishing

Kymeta Connect and the u8 Terminal bring affordable connectivity to fishing vessels at sea. This connectivity enables smooth operations, crew welfare, and fisheries compliance, all for just $999/month

Commercial Shipping

The u8 terminal brings connectivity to shipping vessels around the globe, enabling crew welfare, operational connectivity, and asset tracking

Civilian Armored Vehicles

Kymeta Connect is broadband you bring with you, wherever you go. The low-profile u8 Terminal brings discreet connectivity, both in and out of LTE range

Recreational Vehicles

Kymeta Connect is broadband you bring with you, letting you stay in touch and share your adventures, wherever you go

Freight Rail

The Kymeta u8 Terminal brings broadband connectivity to the train, giving access to more operational communications and cargo status data

Passenger Rail

The u8 Terminal brings broadband internet to high-speed passenger rail, enabling passenger connectivity in a low-profile form factor


Kymeta Connect connects the bus, whether it is in the city or in-between. Bus operators now have access to more operational data, traffic, and road conditions, as well as a differentiated connectivity for their passengers. Passengers can email, surf the web, and engage with social media for the whole journey

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Kymeta u8 Terminal

With embedded satellite and cellular capabilities, the u8 terminal is a complete connectivity solution for on-the-go communications when and where you need it. Redesigned with our revolutionary software-defined, electronic beam steering technology, the u8 terminal is low profile, mounting easily on vehicles and vessels.

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Kymeta Connect

Kymeta Connect empowers customers to purchase equipment and connectivity packages on a monthly basis with no upfront fees. Packages start as low as US $995/month and include hardware, connectivity, network software, and global support. Kymeta Connect redefines broadband connectivity by making satellite and hybrid satellite-cellular connectivity as easy to buy as a wireless connectivity plan.


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