Kymeta™ Broadband, uniquely designed for the Kymeta u8 terminals, provides internet access via satellite or hybrid satellite/cellular networks on a user-defined basis.

Satellite capacity is offered via a Kymeta-managed network that aggregates multiple satellite providers. Cellular capacity is offered via a Kymeta partner that provides service via hundreds of direct operator partnerships for global coverage via a single SIM. Traffic is routed dynamically between satellite and cellular to provide optimal routing in multi-coverage regions. All with a single monthly bill.

Kymeta Broadband has the right balance of high-quality service, value, and flexible solutions via our Kymeta Connect™️ offerings to make mobile ubiquitous and more robust than ever before.

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Kymeta Broadband offers three plans:

Satellite-only 5×2 MIR best-effort service supports applications such as virtual private networks (VPN), high-definition video transfer, cloud-based software platforms, and autonomous platform management.

Satellite-only 5×2 MIR with 256×256 CIR service for critical operations. The CIR speeds are sufficient to support voice communications and lower resolution or compressed video.

Hybrid Satellite | Cellular service includes a 50/50 mix of satellite 5×2 MIR and cellular services.

Monthly Packages

Satellite-only packages are available in:
1 GB/Month
5 GB/Month
10 GB/Month
20 GB/Month
40 GB/Month
80 GB/Month

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