Kymeta Connectivity

Kymeta connectivity solutions are uniquely designed for the Kymeta™️ u8 terminals to provide internet access via satellite or hybrid satellite/cellular networks on a user-defined basis.

Kymeta offers global connectivity via Kymeta™️ Broadband, a managed satellite network designed specifically for small form factor VSAT terminals like the u8, Kymeta’s Global TRANSEC Network, and customized plans for unique requirements.

Our global satellite service aggregates regional networks from multiple satellite providers into a seamless global offering. Cellular capacity is offered through a Kymeta partner that provides service via hundreds of direct operator partnerships for global coverage with a single SIM. Traffic is routed dynamically between satellite and cellular to provide optimal routing in multi-coverage regions.

In conjunction with our Kymeta Connect™️ offering, Kymeta Broadband has the right balance of high-quality service, value, and flexibility to make mobile connectivity ubiquitous and more robust than ever before.



Kymeta Broadband - Standard

Our by-the-gigabyte packages with speeds up to 5M x 2M based on location and network load. Plans are offered from 5 GB/month to 240 GB/month of data.

Kymeta Broadband - TRANSEC

Kymeta’s 5M x 2M plan packages offered on a TRANSEC-enabled network for military and government users. Plans are offered from 5 GB/month to 240 GB/month of data.

Custom Plans

Custom plans can be designed for customers who need a specific service capability. Typical custom plans focus on additional coverage regions, committed information rate (CIR) requirements, and other service level agreements (SLAs).


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