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Kymeta is leading a revolutionary change in mobile connectivity. Our flat panel technology gives any commercial aviation, cargo/transport or government/military high bandwidth, invisible connection and data options.

Commercial Aviation

Commercial Aviation (Narrow Body, Wide Body, Regional)
Kymeta flat panel technology can be recessed into the fuselage of airliners, thereby eliminating the parasitic drag associated with today’s satellite communications. Enabling significantly higher internet connection speeds and IP-delivered entertainment and content offers a better passenger experience and greater loyalty.

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    Business Jets
    Kymeta offers a better satellite solution for business jet airframes. Many existing solutions are too heavy and bulky for smaller jets—but our equipment is lightweight and low profile and can be efficiently installed and initiated.
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    Shipping, Cargo & Transport
    As data requirements for tracking shipments increases, so does the need for high bandwidth communications systems while cargo is in transit. Now Kymeta makes it possible to keep data flowing with seamless satellite communications technology that keeps operating costs down and connectivity up.
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    Government & Military
    Kymeta’s terminal agnostic, lightweight, low profile, no moving parts, high throughput, low power antennas are revolutionizing government and defense Communications on the Move (COTM) and expeditionary Communications on the Pause (COTP) applications. Kymeta Government Solutions (KGS) is a purpose built Kymeta company, focused on the unique use cases and needs of government and defense end users.
  • Internet of Things
    Kymeta gives you more connectivity to more things, from connected air cargo and commercial airline operations to immediate updates to planes. Anything that can be connected, anything that provides data points, anything that supports more efficiency—Kymeta can help connect it.

Our Product family

Kymeta satellite terminals go places traditional satellite antennas cannot. Backed by U.S. and international patents and licenses, Kymeta terminals make high-throughput, mobile communications possible in cars, trains, buses, trucks, boats, and much more. Combined with Kymeta KĀLO™ internet access services, Kymeta terminals provide easy, reliable, and agile communications in a lightweight, slim package.