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Connected Car

Kymeta's mTenna® technology and KĀLO services will enable a realm of brand new experiences from anywhere in the world that characterize what the truly connected car should be capable of.


Kymeta’s first KĀLOTM Trek Across America, is a Toyota RAV4 traveling over 7,000 miles across the country to provide a rigorous, real-world proving ground for KymetaTM KĀLO internet services. The new service offering is making high-throughput mobile internet services available across the continental United States, Latin and South America, Europe, and the Mediterranean and Caribbean. The KĀLO Trek Across America will demonstrate ongoing coverage across the U.S. With KĀLO, Kymeta is redefining how satellite services are purchased, making global mobile satellite internet services as easy to buy as a cellular plan. Kymeta KĀLO internet services are powered by the IntelsatOne® Flex network. The Kymeta KĀLO Trek Across America is testing a broad range of applications running over the KĀLO network including, video conferencing, content streaming, voice-based searches, accessing enterprise applications, and more – all while on the move.