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Connected Car

Kymeta's mTenna® technology and KĀLO services will enable a realm of brand new experiences from anywhere in the world that characterize what the truly connected car should be capable of.
kytrek 1 Kytrek mTenna Technology

Kytrek 1

Ky, a Toyota 4Runner equipped with our mTenna technology, toured America to show everyone the benefits of connectivity where coverage and capacity can’t meet today’s demands. #KyTrek

Kymeta has proven that its small and efficient, flat-panel mTenna technology provides the global satellite connectivity that cars will require to be truly connected. Kymeta’s first research vehicle, Ky, has recorded over 30,000 miles of broadband connectivity since June 2015, delivering video, music, mapping, head unit applications, VoIP calling and more while driving across the United States. To put that into perspective, that’s a trip around the equator, with over 6,000 miles to spare.

“While driving through rural Georgia, my team was able to conduct a 30-minute video conference call with the home office at 70 miles per hour driving down the freeway. This included full access and interaction with a shared virtual private network. We could accomplish all of this in a place with very spotty terrestrial coverage, without ever losing a broadband connection. That means the team didn’t have to lose any productivity while out in the field traveling,” said Tom Freeman, Senior Vice President, Land Mobile, Kymeta. “Kymeta’s technology is the only future-proofed solution that will enable the true vision of the connected car and autonomous driving. Our antenna will provide access to global connectivity and one thousand times more spectrum than terrestrial networks, which means faster and more reliable connections around the world.