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Kymeta Government Solutions

Kymeta Government Solutions is led and staffed by those who understand the distinct requirements of the government user community and the demanding environments where our solutions are deployed. We serve global government customers at the federal, state, and local levels, always remaining cognizant that human lives depend on the performance and reliability of our products.


Kymeta antennas are the only metamaterials-based electronically scanning array (M-ESA) flat panel antennas (FPA) on the market today and our technology delivers on multiple, never-seen-before value propositions:

  • Low cost: not phased array; Kymeta solutions have significantly lower cost to purchase and operate (CapEx/OpEx: Capital Expenditures and Operating Expenses).
  • Low size, weight and power (SWaP): <33 in. x <3 in. / <37 lb. / <15 W power (antenna only).
  • Scalable: the Kymeta combiner enables you to network multiple antennas to increase overall throughput.
  • Agnostic compatibility: Kymeta antennas are modem/terminal agnostic and are interoperable with LEO (Low Earth Orbit), GEO (Geosynchronous Orbit) and MEO (Medium Earth Orbit), constellations.
  • Easy to use: one button cold start, with automatic satellite acquisition and no moving parts – you don’t need to be a satellite technician to start up and transmit a few minutes later.
  • Always connected: nearly instantaneous next satellite acquisition means uninterrupted connectivity using just one antenna (instead of two).
  • Communications on the move (COTM): Kymeta enables simple and reliable COTM over satellite to users with little or no SATCOM experience without the cost and complexity and maintenance of mechanical solutions.
  • Flat Antenna
    mTennau7 Ku-band SATCOM Antenna
    The mTennau7 is ideal for integration as a subsystem for piloted, remotely piloted and autonomous systems on air, land and sea, as well as for integration with existing terminals to reduce supply chain complexity. For more info please contact us at
  • KyWayTM Ku-band SATCOM Terminal
    The small SWaP-C and simple operating method of the KyWay Ku-band SATCOM Terminal makes it ideal for placement and operation on any platform, enabling situational awareness, ISR (intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance), building the common operating picture and “every platform is a sensor” operations; available in 8W and 16W configurations. For more info please contact us at
  • KĀLOTM Bundled Satellite Service
    Kymeta is revolutionizing the way government users buy and use SATCOM service. KĀLO bundled service allows government users to sign up for a “metered service” per GB of usage per month plan, with commitments as short as 12 months. This service is priced based on usage area and ideal for CONUS (continental united states) use in training, testing, monitoring and ISR situations. For more info please contact us at
  • Flat Antenna
    Ultra-Portable One Case Terminal
    COMING SOON! Kymeta’s Ultra-Portable One Case Terminal takes the incredible advantages of the KyWay terminal and packages them in an ultra-portable, ultra-durable, ultra-ready one-case solution, ready to fly, jump, hoist and deploy on a moment’s notice. Ideal for in-extremis, contingency, airborne and shipborne operations. For more info please contact us at
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With its first-of-a-kind satellite technology that can connect anything that moves, Kymeta is delivering on the promise of connectivity. Our terminals are flat, light, and have no moving parts, bringing high-throughput communication to vehicles and places it has never been before.

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