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Kymeta is making connectivity as simple and available as a view of the sky, enabling infinite applications for both fixed and mobile platforms

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Live Video Feeds

From remote offshore platforms to isolated natural gas facilities, connectivity is critical to business and operational success. Monitor facilities and communicate in real time with Kymeta.

Real-time Data and Analytics

Staying connected is essential to the health and safety of renewable energy sites. With Kymeta, companies can obtain real time data and analytics that can be used to improve efficiency, control environmental impacts, and enhance safety.

Remote Connectivity

Construction sites now have access to reliable wireless connectivity across the work site, between work sites, and with headquarters. Site data is always available to crew members and to management. Efficiency throughout the job site is improved, providing a competitive edge.

Business Continuity

A constant, reliable connection is key for maintaining continuity across multiple locations and IoT data aggregation. Kymeta can provide always-available connectivity—even in remote locations.

A Complete Connectivity Solution


Kymeta Ku-band satellite terminals are lightweight, slim, and high-throughput, with no mechanical components required to steer towards a satellite.

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KĀLO Service

Providing convenient access for Kymeta’s revolutionary mobile communications solutions, KĀLO Service is the smarter way to buy satellite connectivity.

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