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Land Mobile

Now every mile of road or rail is covered. No gaps in service. Just connectivity without compromise.

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Keep passengers connected

Kymeta keeps luxury coaches, public transit, and school buses connected no matter where they go. Now, you can monitor routes, stops, distance, and more while offering passengers an enhanced connectivity experience.

Secure & Connected

Kymeta u7 satellite terminals provide seamless, invisible communications to VIP and civilian armored vehicles. High-throughput satellite access can be securely hidden between the roof and the headliner of nearly any vehicle.


Our low-profile, low maintenance connectivity solutions deliver consistent high bandwidth for both train and freight management and passenger internet access across regions that aren’t serviced by traditional LTE or Wi-Fi networks.

Mobile Living Room

Today’s RV buyer demands that an in-home experience follow them everywhere. With Kymeta, it can. Kymeta enables high-throughput connectivity, allowing RVs to truly extend leisure time.


The future of trucking is a connected fleet—or even an autonomous one. With Kymeta, companies can enable the edge data caching, storing, transmitting and receiving that are essential for any smart fleet.

Real-time data

Getting an essential flow of project data is key to a successful construction project. With Kymeta, companies can obtain real-time data and analytics that can be used for fleet management and logistics.

A Complete Connectivity Solution


Kymeta Ku-band satellite terminals are lightweight, slim, and high-throughput, with no mechanical components required to steer towards a satellite.

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KĀLO Service

Providing convenient access for Kymeta’s revolutionary mobile communications solutions, KĀLO Service is the smarter way to buy satellite connectivity.

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