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Kymeta is making connectivity as simple and available as a view of the sky, enabling infinite applications for land—from rail and construction to civilian armored vehicles, disaster relief and so much more.


Kymeta has cracked the code on connectivity for rail. The revolutionary mTenna-powered satellite terminal is flat, light and has absolutely no moving parts. Now every mile of track is covered. No gaps in service. Just connectivity without compromise.

Our low-profile, low maintenance connectivity solutions deliver consistent high bandwidth for both train and freight management and passenger internet access across regions that aren’t serviced by traditional LTE or Wi-Fi solutions.

With Kymeta’s low maintenance solutions in place, connectivity becomes cost effective to utilize across freight and passenger trains. Kymeta makes crossing broad geographies without losing connectivity possible. Access is omnipresent and easy to buy and use. Now that’s connectivity that will keep you on track.

  • Internet of things
    Kymeta gives you more connectivity to more things, from goods management to commercial operations. Anything that can be connected, anything that provides data points, anything that supports more efficiency—Kymeta can help connect it.
  • Agriculture
    Smart farming isn’t new, yet connectivity in rural areas can still be a challenge. Kymeta removes the barriers to truly connected agriculture, lowering the overall cost, increasing efficiency and maximizing yields of agricultural operations.
  • Mining
    Communication is even more important in remote and unforgiving environments. Kymeta can provide that connectivity—even across geographically dispersed locations and between multiple mobile and stationary platforms. The result? Connectivity without compromise and lower overall cost.
  • Bus
    Kymeta keeps luxury coaches, public transit and school buses connected no matter how far afield they may go. Now, you can monitor routes, stops, distance, and more—and offer passengers no-gap connectivity.
  • Trucking
    Commercial trucking, freight and cargo need to connect to vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure data. Yet connectivity for trucking is largely limited to major metropolitan areas and crossing international borders and managing fleets of trucks presents a host of challenges. Kymeta helps the trucking industry connect anywhere while on the move.
  • Emergency response
    With Kymeta, connectivity is still available even during a major disaster. Our system is flat, light and simple to set up, so emergency personnel can communicate and coordinate responses quickly and seamlessly.
  • NGO & disaster relief
    Providing remote relief services is more manageable with always available, abundant and reliable access. Kymeta offers NGOs simple, reliable connectivity on the move or in remote areas, even when other networks are down or unavailable.
  • News
    When there’s breaking news, the last thing media needs is 15 minutes of set up time before going live. Kymeta offers always-on connectivity that is self-provisioning, as well, eliminating the need for engineers to get a feed rolling.
  • Healthcare telemedicine
    Kymeta makes medical care just a little closer for people all over the world. Kymeta satellite mTenna technology supports video conferencing, transmission of medical imaging, access to patient portals, remote patient monitoring, nurse advice call centers, and much more.
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    Government & Military
    Kymeta’s terminal agnostic, lightweight, low profile, no moving parts, high throughput, low power antennas are revolutionizing government and defense Communications on the Move (COTM) and expeditionary Communications on the Pause (COTP) applications. Kymeta Government Solutions (KGS) is a purpose built Kymeta company, focused on the unique use cases and needs of government and defense end users.
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With its first-of-a-kind satellite technology that can connect anything that moves, Kymeta is delivering on the promise of connectivity. Our terminals are flat, light, and have no moving parts, bringing high-throughput communication to vehicles and places it has never been before.

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