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Kymeta is the keystone to unlocking new markets and applications in satellite communications. Previously infeasible applications, customers and markets suddenly become accessible, allowing you to provide the best options for your customers’ unique requirements.


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Single digit growth rates have become the norm in the satellite industry—until now. Growth is no longer an elusive ambition. Finally, there’s a ground-breaking flat panel solution that will allow you to provide the best options for your customers’ unique requirements.

With Kymeta technology and services, an entire host of new markets is opening up, leading to historic business growth opportunities. Where will you expand your business with Kymeta?

The potential uses for Kymeta technology and services are infinite. Whether on land, on the sea or in the air, whether remote or metropolitan, bringing high speed access where it has never been before opens up a multitude of new potential applications for our partners.

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Unlimited Potential

Our technology offers infinite applications for land, sea and air—from connected vehicles and freight trains to luxury yacht and construction vehicles, the possibilities are endless. Our mission is simple: Mobile, seamless global access.

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