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A Complete Connectivity Solution


Kymeta Ku-band satellite terminals are lightweight, slim, and high-throughput, with no mechanical components required to steer towards a satellite.

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KĀLO Service

Providing convenient access for Kymeta’s revolutionary mobile communications solutions, KĀLO Service is the smarter way to buy satellite connectivity.

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Co-Developed Solutions

The MANTA™ mobile satcom terminal fuses the Paradigm Interface Module (PIM®) with Kymeta’s flat panel technology to produce a single boxed ‘plug and play’ satcom terminal.

Co-Developed Solutions

The CopaSAT STORM transportable, ruggedized, mobile SATCOM solution is a CopaSAT exclusive configuration that features a Kymeta™ u7 flat panel satellite antenna, iDirect 950 Modem and 25 W BUC for ultimate high-performance on-the-move or on-the-pause communications.

mTenna Plus and mTenna Select

mTenna PLUS and mTenna SELECT work with Kymeta u7 Terminals to deliver performance amplification and coverage extension. The Kymeta PLUS amplifies throughput by combining the receive connection of two to four ODUs, while the Kymeta SELECT switches ODUs to transmit data from the most optimally-positioned unit as the vessel or vehicle turns or changes direction.

Real World Applications

Land Mobile
Land Fixed