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The CopaSAT STORM transportable, ruggedized, mobile SATCOM solution is a CopaSAT exclusive configuration that features a Kymeta u7 flat panel satellite antenna, iDirect 950 Modem and 25W BUC for ultimate high-performance on-the-move or on-the-pause communications.

CopaSAT has partnered with Kymeta and iDirect to deliver a fully integrated SATCOM solution that delivers ruggedized, reliable communication in even the most remote and demanding environments. The CopaSAT STORM is available in three different base configurations and offers options for maximum flexibility.

Available configurations:

CopaSAT STORM Commercial

CopaSAT STORM Military

CopaSAT STORM Transportable

Paradigm Manta

Product View
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The MANTA™ mobile satcom terminal fuses the Paradigm Interface Module (PIM®) with Kymeta’s flat panel technology to produce a single boxed ‘plug and play’ satcom terminal… just add power. With the integration of the Kymeta u7 antenna and the PIM, MANTA provides a versatile, straightforward solution that can accommodate all of the major modem types.

This powerful partnership provides a solution that is reliable, robust and highly portable. It operates quickly and accurately without the need for tools in a tactical, static environment but can also be attached to a vehicle’s roof bars in minutes for satcoms-on-the-move mobile operation. The handheld remote offers additional live beam heading indication, satellite selection, transmit mute and system status information.