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Coming q4 2020

Redesigned with our revolutionary software-defined, electronic beam steering technology, the u8 terminal is low profile, mounting easily on vehicles and vessels. Our terminals and flyaway systems deliver connectivity in a single integrated platform.

Broadband connectivity packages are available from Kymeta in either satellite-only or satellite/cellular by-the-gigabyte packages, and our all-inclusive bundle of hardware, connectivity, and support, Kymeta Connect™, is offered at an affordable monthly rate.

Product Benefits

u8 Terminal
u8 Antenna
u8 Flyaway

The new Kymeta™ u8 terminal provides a complete connectivity solution for on-the-go communications when and where you need it.

Connectivity Ready Out of the Box

The u8 terminal is quick to install and multiple connectivity package options give you communications as you need them.

Connectivity Options Designed for You

All-inclusive bundled connectivity packages with monthly rates are available for the u8 terminal through the Kymeta Connect program.

Vehicle Integration

Native DC power input and new accessories simplify vehicle integration.

Always-On Connectivity

With an integrated multi-WAN device, the Kymeta u8 GEO terminal provides seamless satellite and cellular communications


The u8 GEO terminal is field-upgradable for Ku-band LEO constellations

The new Kymeta™ u8 antenna is ready for integrators to create custom mobile satellite terminals to meet their customers’ unique needs for connectivity while in motion.

Leveraging our revolutionary software-defined, electronic beam steering technology, the u8 antenna has been re-engineered for full coverage of the Ku band, increased antenna performance, and extended environmental coverage. All this while maintaining low power operation for seamless integration into mobile platforms.

Flexible Integration

Integrators can choose to use different modems, different BUCs, and different services.


The u8 antenna is low profile and aerodynamic, able to be powered from a car battery, and has best in class tracking for communications on the move.

Global Operations

The u8 antenna supports the global Ku-band frequency range and is ready for all weathers, avoiding water pooling and tolerant to heat.


The u8 antenna is ready for Ku-band LEO constellations.

With a hardened reusable shipping case, the Kymeta u8 flyaway provides the fastest out of the box communications anywhere. Available in commercial and military versions.

Ideal for rapid deployment:

Un-box, add power, and go

Wheels and trackball for maneuvering

Airline shippable

Reusable, hardened case for transport protection

Easy to remove lid

Space for a Cradlepoint router (not provided by Kymeta)

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