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The frequency and impact that forest fires have on the Forest Service and the United States every year is significant.

Staying 100% connected in dynamic, challenging environments is crucial, particularly when lives and property are on the line. Kymeta solutions provide the real-time updates and always-on connectivity, that firefighters and emergency responders need, even in remote areas where communications capabilities are non-existent.



Kymeta solutions work with existing tools and don’t require special training or expertise to implement.

Our low-profile terminals mount easily onto a variety of emergency response vehicles to maintain seamless connectivity while on the move.

To learn more about how Kymeta helps firefighters rescue lives and property, watch this video and download our whitepaper paper after you fill out the form.



Earlier this year, Kymeta visited firefighters in California to demonstrate our next-generation Kymeta u8 terminal.

The team drove into the San Gabriel Mountains where cellular coverage was completely lost after 15 minutes Kymeta solutions enabled a Deputy Forest Fire Chief to successfully FaceTime and make Wi-Fi calls using his regular mobile phone.


Kymeta and the forest service


In addition, a Kymeta u7 terminal was also used to coordinate a water drop via helicopter, which requires seamless connectivity and real-time updates to the command center. Kymeta solutions worked flawlessly.

In the field, reliable communication can be a matter of life and death. Make sure you’re always connected with Kymeta.