Public Safety

Kymeta Advantage


Highly customizable hardware components,
including a variation of modems and BUCs.


Intelligent support services for rapid response. Manual latitude and longitude input for discreet operations.


Digital delivery and automated onboarding. External GPS input and manual position entry for GPS-denied or degraded environments.

Emergency Services

Kymeta delivers seamless, on-demand mobile connectivity during emergency and disaster events that can render traditional communications useless.  Turnkey solutions with easy of use operations.


State-of-the-art, fully portable mobile communication to satisfy day-to-day operations during times of disaster and other needs. Supports mobile telemedicine/clinics, mobile banking, internet/email access and more.

Wildfire Fighting

Kymeta terminals are easy to deploy, easy to use, and offer on-demand communications in desolate and damaged areas. Stay ahead of disasters with high-speed and highly efficient real-time voice and data. 

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