Public Safety

Kymeta Advantage


Experience real-time reporting and monitoring to all critical locations in the field supporting effective incident command and control


Continuous, reliable high-speed broadband when and where you need it most


Easy to mount, easy to transport configurations combined with customizable, affordable data plans

Emergency Services

Kymeta delivers seamless, on-demand mobile connectivity during emergency and disaster events that can render traditional communications useless.  Turnkey solutions with easy of use operations.


State-of-the-art, fully portable mobile communication to satisfy day-to-day operations during times of disaster and other needs. Supports mobile telemedicine/clinics, mobile banking, internet/email access and more.

Wildfire Fighting

Kymeta terminals are easy to deploy, easy to use, and offer on-demand communications in desolate and damaged areas. Stay ahead of disasters with high-speed and highly efficient real-time voice and data. 

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