Public Safety

Easy setup with robust communications enables responders to focus on the task at hand and direct resources dynamically. A powerful management portal provides operators with communications monitoring and control, asset management, and data analytics access.

Monthly packages from 5GB to 80GB

Flexible Packages

A network that leverages the best of both satellite and cellular connectivity

Hybrid Network

Real-time reporting and monitoring to and from the field

Real-Time Data

Emergency Response

Kymeta Connect brings seamless mobile communications to every incident scene, even where LTE doesn’t reach, allowing responders to focus on their work and their safety.

Wildfire Fighting

Wildland firefighters can arrive on scene with seamless mobile connectivity, even outside the reach of LTE, enhancing situational awareness and maintaining firefighter safety en route to and at the scene.

Law Enforcement

Seamless connectivity in rural day-to-day and emergency operations, because you go beyond the reach of LTE.

Emergency Medical Services

Communications for enhanced coordination and patient monitoring that just works, beyond the reach of LTE.


Bring your response coordination connectivity to the scene with the u8 GO, a plug and play mobile connectivity when and where you need it. Plans are affordable, starting at $999/month, and have flexibility including dedicated, pooled, and pay-as-you-go services.

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Kymeta u8 Terminal

With embedded satellite and cellular capabilities, the u8 terminal is a complete connectivity solution for on-the-go communications when and where you need it. Redesigned with our revolutionary software-defined, electronic beam steering technology, the u8 terminal is low profile, mounting easily on vehicles and vessels.

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Kymeta u8 GO

With a re-usable shipping case, the Kymeta u8 GO provides the fastest out-of-the-box communication anywhere. Just unbox, add power, and go.


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