Security & Intelligence Agencies

Customer Needs

Security and Intelligence Agencies need highly adaptable, discrete, and mobile communications utilizing COTM and COTP capabilities. Seamless, always-on communication capabilities that can adapt quickly or be taken in/out of a situation discretely is an absolute must. 

You need robust connectivity that resists jamming and interference, backups for critical infrastructure, and the ability to have no ties or preferences to a specific network. 

Kymeta Solution

Easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use mobile satellite solutions when and where it’s needed most. Kymeta’s terminals can serve as a wireless access point for a team on the ground giving the whole crew access whether they are at the base camp or actively engaged in an incident.

We provide portable and mobile communications for training, emergent situations, as well as day-to-day operations with no satcom expertise required. Our rugged terminals work in the harshest environments, and can be deployed as COTP or COTM with the same terminal giving maximum flexibility on the ground with connectivity when and where it is needed. We also have several form factors, all of which can be integrated into small-forward deployed vehicles, such as the MRZR.

Kymeta delivers the connectivity for real-time, full-motion video, incident data, voice communication, and other apps between front line teams and command centers so they can respond in the field as well on non-emergent operations. 

We offer secure TRANSEC network services, agnostic networks, and critical infrastructure backups that are all compatible with our terminals. We understand that your needs are specific to your industry, which is why we have flexible buying options with bundled connectivity, OpEx models, and a-la-carte hardware. The Kymeta Connectivity packages are based on usage and provide a flexible, affordable connectivity solution that works for you. 

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