Executive Team

Doug Hutcheson

Chairman and Co-CEO

Walter Berger

President and Co-CEO

Anne Liu

EVP & Chief Financial Officer

William Marks

EVP & Chief Development Officer

Melisah Burke

SVP, Chief People Officer

Leadership Team

Adam Einarsen

Vice President Finance

Alisa Garcia

Senior Director Sales Operations

Bejamin Ash, Ph.D.

Senior Director Manufacturing

Brenda Kuhns

Senior Director of Marketing

Isabel LeBoutillier

Vice President Customer Operations

Janna Schober

Vice President Program Management

Jonathan Osler

Vice President, Global Sales and Services

Lilac Muller, Ph.D.

Vice President of Product

Nima Seyedali

Vice President Legal

Paul Klassen

Vice President of Engineering

Ryan Stevenson, Ph.D.

Vice President Chief Scientist

Trenton Pologar

Vice President of Information Technology