Kymeta Connectivity


Uninterrupted connectivity is absolutely essential, especially during those crucial moments that matter most. Kymeta understands this fundamental need. Experience unparalleled connectivity with Kymeta's revolutionary broadband technology. Seamlessly access the world through two dynamic choices: tap into the boundless potential of OneWeb's expansive global low Earth orbit (LEO) network, complete with optional LTE for flawless browsing; or explore the turnkey excellence of Kymeta Broadband, which extends across our geostationary Earth orbit (GEO) and seamlessly integrates with cutting-edge cellular networks. The future of connectivity is here, tailored to your every need.

Kymeta Broadband

Kymeta™ Broadband tailors GEO satellite solutions for flat-panel antennas in mobile applications. Standard plan features include data plans from 5 GB/month to 240 GB/month, optimized connectivity via satellite and cellular, standard/TRANSEC satellite plans, and up to 10 terminals in one plan.

OneWeb LEO Connectivity

Teaming up with OneWeb, we redefine mobile satellite comms using Hawk™ u8 LEO and Peregrine™ u8 LEO terminals. Enjoy high-speed, low-latency broadband globally, enabling endless opportunities. LEO's comprehensive coverage extends broadband to remote sites and mobile applications

Cellular Networks

Kymeta Broadband’s cellular capacity is offered via a global network of operators for coverage with a single SIM. Customers may also choose to bring their own SIM for any geography.

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