u8 Accessories

GO Kit


• Hardshell transportable case compatible with the Hawk u8 and Goshawk u8

• AC-to-DC universal power kit

• Vehicle mount

• Operations instructions

(Terminal is not included)

Vehicle Mount Kit

• Mounting rails

• Hardware to secure the rails to the terminal or ODU

• Clamps/hardware to secure the rails to the vehicle roof rack

• Padlock

• Installation instructions

Vehicle Power Kit

• 25’ power cable, 16’ ground wire, 20’ ACC wire

• Ring terminals

• 100 A circuit breaker and 5 A fuse with fuse holder

• Abrasion resistant wire shielding

AC-to-DC Power Kit

• AC-to-DC power supply, 24 VDC/600 W output

• Installation instructions

Universal Adapter Plate

• Mounting plate

• Stand-off posts

• Fasteners

• Installation instructions

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