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A complete connectivity solution. Kymeta offers the first electronically scanning, flat-panel satellite terminal for fixed and mobile platforms. Combined with our global, high-bandwidth services and world class support, Kymeta is changing the way the world connects.

Our Products

Hawk u8 GEO
Hawk u8 LEO

The Kymeta Hawk u8 – GEO provide on-the-go communications when and where you need it. This terminal is based on Kymeta’s industry-leading, electronically steered antenna and mounts easily on vehicles to provide seamless connectivity.

Introducing the Kymeta Hawk u8 – LEO, our innovative electronically scanning terminal designed to provide fast and reliable internet connectivity for fixed and mobile applications with moving satellites.

Osprey u8 HG
Osprey u8 HGL

The Osprey u8 hybrid-GEO (HG) provides a complete customized connectivity platform for the military communications-on-the-pause (COTP), communications-on-the-move (COTM) and networks-on-the-move (NOTM).

The Kymeta Osprey u8 hybrid-GEO-LEO (HGL) terminal provides multi-orbit capability for mission-critical operations while on the move and in a variety of vehicles and vessels, being capable of operating with native power system.


Stay connected wherever you go on the ocean, inland waterways, near shore or deep waters. Kymeta Peregrine u8 electronically scanning terminal is proven to maintain highly reliable communications in even very rough seas and challenging conditions.

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The Kymeta™ u8 product family is ready for custom integrations utilizing our u8 accessories to meet your unique needs for connectivity while in motion.

Our Connectivity

Kymeta Broadband

Kymeta connectivity solutions are uniquely designed for the Kymeta u8 product family to provide internet access via satellite or hybrid satellite/cellular networks on a user-defined basis.

LEO Connectivity

Kymeta proudly teams up with OneWeb to disrupt the mobile satellite communications market with our u8 LEO Terminals.

Our Digital Tools

Kymeta Access is a revolutionary application which functions as the primary user interface between the Kymeta u8 satellite terminal, the world’s only commercially available electronically steered, flat-panel ESIM platform with no moving parts using metamaterials, the Kymeta Connectity virtual services platform and users at every level.


Delivering the right end-to-end solutions at the right price with the best-in-industry customer experience.


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