Kymeta Broadband


The Kymeta hybrid network has been designed to deliver an optimized, always on connection for the Kymeta u8 product family and other small form factor antennas. Kymeta™ Broadband is the first satellite/cellular service designed to serve the unique characteristics of flat-panel antennas used in land-mobile applications. Our dynamic service provides internet access via satellite or hybrid satellite/cellular networks on a user-defined basis. Today, horizontally mounted flat-panel antennas unlock a world of new applications for the connected mobility market that requires re-envisioning end-to-end network design.

Kymeta Broadband Delivers

Satellite services delivered via the Kymeta-managed network.
Cellular capacity offered via hundreds of operators for global coverage with a single SIM.
Global connectivity offered purpose-built to support sub-meter antennas with high-quality, high-power satellite beams, engineered to over-deliver on quality to customers.
Traffic routed dynamically between satellite and cellular to provide optimal routing in multi-coverage regions. All with a single monthly bill.
Reliable and robust connectivity in all environments with intelligent wide area network selection.

Intelligence session monitoring ensures optimized data routing across the networks.

Dynamic traffic policies
allow you to set your own traffic prioritization.

Kymeta Broadband provides world-class support.

Kymeta Broadband Coverage

Kymeta Connectivity offers different services for different needs.

Broadside Maps

Land Mobile Maps

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Kymeta Broadband Coverage

Kymeta Broadband serves many land mobility markets around the world with high-quality comms on the move (COTM) and comms on the pause (COTP). Coverage maps are contextual and convey expected on the move or on the pause performance.

Kymeta Broadband TRANSEC Coverage

For customers requiring a higher degree of security our TRANSEC network provides critical communications in focus regions around the world.

*Some areas may only have standard connectivity available. Please check with your salesperson.

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Kymeta Custom Coverage

For customers who have more unique challenges or need a more comprehensive and complete service, our custom connectivity team is happy to work with partners on developing a solution that fits their needs. We have an expansive coverage footprint under contract to meet these more unique challenges.

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