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The Kymeta u8 product family is the only land-mobility and maritime solution of its kind, fully supporting always-on broadband communications over both satellite and cellular while mobile. 

Kymeta’s engineering team has made dramatic technological advancements with the u8 technology, including a doubling of the antenna’s gain, full Ku-band coverage, and realizing near-theoretical scan loss performance. All while reducing cost compared to Kymeta’s first-generation product.

Product Benefits

Design for Performance
  • Extended Ku-band coverage (10.7-12.75 GHz Rx and 13.75-14.50 GHz Tx)
  • Turnkey solutions for many applications with built in ACU, tracking receiver, and options for transceiver and modems configurations
  • Designed for high agility mobility
  • Full duplex operation from a single aperture
  • Patented antenna feed design enables a low profile antenna with a high aperture efficiency
  • Fast beam pointing supports LEO requirements
Design for Extreme Environmental Conditions
  • Built-in aperture heater supports cold temperature operation down to -40°c
  • Low power input and a self-correcting system supports high temperature operation up to +55°c ambient temperature plus solar load
  • Ingress rated to IP66
  • Reflective coating rejects solar load
  • Doming and hydrophobic coating reduces rain pooling and snow accumulation
Design for Mobile Environments
  • Built in GPS and inertial navigation system support industry-leading pointing & tracking capabilities
  • Near theoretical scan loss enables superior performance at high scan angles relative to traditional phased arrays
  • Proven to maintain lock on race tracks, high speed off-road conditions and speedboats
Design for Reliability
  • All-outdoor construction, IP66 ingress rating, and MIL 810H-certified for sand and dust
  • Design was validated to meet international standards for land-mobility and maritime environments (shock & vibration, temperature, solar, wind and ice loading, salt fog, and altitude)
  • Accelerated life tests demonstrated the reliability of the design over the expected product life.
Design for Usability
  • Quick to install and commission, even in the harshest environments
  • Kymeta Access app provides a single pane of glass view for monitoring and managing turnkey system operations in an easy-to-use intuitive application.

World Class Research, Development, and Production Facilities

16,500 square feet of engineering and laboratory space dedicated to rapid prototyping and accelerating Kymeta’s novel communications products to market. Highly dedicated team that is home to some of the brightest minds in the industry that are creating and developing solutions for the next generation of satellite/cellular connectivity.

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