Commercial Fishing

Customer Needs

Fishing vessels rely on expensive and slow Fleet Broadband or BGAN services for communications, crew welfare, and fishing quota compliance. You need to be able to transmit daily reports to fishing authorities on land and you also need to communicate with your shore-side teams. 

Not only is safety key, but there is a need for crew access to email, social media, and data so you can keep running at your highest efficiency.

Fishing vessels often run on thin margins and need more access to communication at price points that make sense. 

Kymeta Solution

Kymeta offers a robust, reliable communications solution that has excellent pointing and tracking that keeps connectivity even in the roughest of seas. Our terminals integrate with existing IT infrastructures on your vessel and can be installed without putting the vessel into dry dock or using cranes.

Ease of installation, ease of integration, and ease of use combined with flexible bundling and buying options make Kymeta Connectivity the perfect solution for any situation or budget.

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