Intercity Buses & Coaches

Customer Needs

Bus operators need asset tracking, safety monitoring, security, and route optimization, and your companies need to a way to differentiate your offerings to gain a competitive advantage to attract customers. 

With wireless infrastructure between cities being inconsistent it can be a challenge for buses traveling between cities worldwide to maintain connectivity. Your passengers, whether traveling for business, leisure, or on a budget, expect connectivity where ever you take them. 

Bus companies need to be able to diversify their revenue streams or create a value add for passengers by offering connectivity as well as focusing on the internal connectivity needs to be able to maintain the highest efficiency.

Kymeta Solution

Kymeta’s low-profile antennas can be easily installed and provide mobile wifi hotspots even beyond the reach of LTE. Our flexible buying options ensure you get the solution you need and our bundled connectivity ensures you stay connected everywhere you need it. 

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