Customer Needs

Humanitarian organizations and NGOs are often the first to respond in a crisis, whether it be geopolitical or a natural disaster. You need reliable communications where you operate, which is often very remote, connectivity-challenged harsh environments. 

You need improved access to information during a disaster and the immediate aftermath, and communication that is on the move or portable, so it can be deployed where and when you are needed. 

Oftentimes you are on the ground long after the immediate response to the disaster which means you need back-up for critical infrastructure, affordability and flexibility as usage may vary.

Kymeta Solution

Kymeta provides solutions that support mobile telemedicine/clinics, mobile banking, and internet/email access for both NGO workers and those they are helping. We are keeping organizations on the ground in touch with each other and the wider world to run operations efficiently ensuring critical infrastructure backup.

Our connectivity supports the real-time delivery of full-motion video, incident data, voice communications, and other apps they use to respond to an emergency/crisis as well as non-emergent operational connectivity needs. Our terminals can serve as a wireless access point for a group of responders, giving the whole crew access, whether they are at the base camp or actively responding to an incident. 

We provide portable and mobile communications that require no satcom expertise for disasters as well as day-to-day operations. These can be deployed as COTP or COTM with the same terminal, giving maximum flexibility on the ground with connectivity when and where you need it even in the harshest environments.

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