Land Mobility

Kymeta Advantage


Coupled with a native DC operation and a slick, aerodynamic design, the terminal is easily mounted on a variety of vehicles


Hybrid satellite and cellular data packages provide broadband connectivity on the move


Access Application provides users with a dashboard view of real-time system monitoring, self-care diagnostics, and one-click access to 24/7 support

Freight Rail

Low-profile antenna that integrates to existing systems. Flexible and bundled connectivity  everywhere and every time you need it.

Intercity Buses & Coaches

High-speed mobile Wi-Fi hotspot beyond the reach of LTE. Easy to install, operate system that fits into any budget.

Passenger Rail

Provide high-speed connectivity for passengers and personnel everywhere, anytime. Flexible buying options with seamless connectivity.

Recreational Vehicles

Easy to install and operate state-of-the-art technology offering mobile communications in even the most remote areas.

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