Maritime Defense

Customer Needs

Access to information is critical on the open sea, littoral waters, and inland waterways, many of which can have connectivity gaps and other challenges. The need for on-demand and/or always-on connectivity for real-time access to mission critical data in remote, challenging, or compromised environments is essential.

Communication between the field and command center is critical, as well as communication/data from other forward assets/teams that can become critical in battlefield decision making.  The DoD/MoD need COTM and COTP for the modern warfighter that can be utilized with minimal training across multinational operations. 

Seamless integration with government networks and infrastructure and technology for USV connectivity require solutions that can operate in highly challenging maritime environments, including high seas states. 

Equipment must prove flexible and robust, and connectivity must be network agnostic/compatible with existing networks and be difficult to jam/interfere with. 

Kymeta Solution

Seamless connectivity whether in port or in high sea states, Kymeta offers effective pointing and tracking for mobile operation on any size vessel. Our terminals can serve as a wireless access point giving the whole crew access whether they are at base or actively engaged in an incident.

Our solutions can be deployed as COTP or COTM with the same terminal, giving maximum flexibility on the seas with connectivity when and where it is needed. Portable and mobile communication for training, day-to-day ops, emergent situations, between front-line teams as well as back to the command center are flexible and don’t require satcom expertise. 

Connectivity that supports the real-time delivery of full-motion video, incident data, voice communications, and other apps used to respond on the battlefield as well as for non-emergent operational connectivity needs has to be able to withstand the harshest environments. Our Goshawk u8 in GO configuration is rugged, reliable, and easily portable. 

We offer secure TRANSEC network services, agnostic networks, and critical infrastructure backups that are all compatible with our terminals. We understand that your needs are specific to your industry, which is why we have flexible buying options with bundled connectivity, OpEx models, and a-la-carte hardware. The Kymeta Connectivity packages are based on usage and provide a flexible, affordable connectivity solution that works for you. 

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