Wildfire Fighting

Customer Needs

Access to information such as full-motion video, fire perimeters, and asset location is critical. The need for improved access to information is great and communication gaps when fighting fires is dangerous. Fires are often remote and destroy critical communications infrastructure, making the need for a robust and reliable infrastructure-independent communication connectivity that is ready when and where you need it.

Fighting fires dynamically, positioning personnel and equipment effectively to manage fires, re-positioning endangered personnel, and evacuating endangered civilians must happen seamlessly without loss of communication. 

COTM and COTP connectivity must function in extreme conditions and function on the move as disasters require quick response and often evolve rapidly. Communication solutions must be easy to operate and improve situational awareness and beyond-line-of-sight communications, so that once installed on the vehicle, it just needs to work so personnel can focus on fighting the fire. 

Kymeta Solution

Kymeta offers easy to use (Hawk u8) and deploy (Hawk u8 GO) connectivity that is ready when you are. Our easy to use app means that anyone at the incident site can operate the terminal/check status if needed. 

The terminal can serve as a wireless access point for a group of responders, giving the whole crew access, whether they are at the basecamp or actively responding to the incident. It also provides connectivity to support the real-time delivery of full-motion video, fire perimeter data, voice communications, and other apps they use to fight the fire. 

The Kymeta Connectivity packages are flex-based usage packages that provide a flexible, affordable connectivity solution with payment options to fit a budget that works for you. 

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