Kymeta Asia Pacific Partner Summit

April 3-5, 2024

Kymeta Asia Pacific Partner Summit 2024

The Art of the Possible

Join us on a journey of innovation and exploration at this year's partner summit. Experience dynamic discussions and panels that push the boundaries of what's possible in satellite communication. Don't miss out – register today!

For your convenience, make sure to secure your accommodation by reserving your room directly no later than March 20th.

Event Schedule

April 3rd

15:00 – 16:30 Check In 

17:00 – 19:00 Welcome Reception

April 4th

08:30 – 16:30 Panels and Sessions  


  • Unlocking Growth Opportunities: Business Review and Kymeta's Impact Explore the latest developments and achievements at Kymeta. Gain insights into how our innovative solutions are shaping industries and driving growth. 
  • Navigating Industry Trends: Insights Across MoD, Maritime, and Mobility Dive into an in-depth analysis of key sectors, including MoD, Maritime, and Land Mobility. Discover how Kymeta is revolutionizing connectivity solutions across diverse landscapes. 
  • Empowering Your Network: Expert Panel on Optimizing Kymeta's Integration Join industry leaders as they discuss strategies for maximizing the integration of Kymeta solutions within your network infrastructure. Gain practical insights to enhance performance and efficiency. 
  • Future-Proof Solutions: Unveiling Kymeta's Product Roadmap Get an exclusive preview of Kymeta's product roadmap, showcasing upcoming innovations and enhancements. Stay ahead of the curve with cutting-edge technology tailored to meet evolving market demands. 
  • Driving Revenue with Differentiated Applications Explore how Kymeta's differentiated applications go beyond meeting basic requirements to drive revenue and exceed expectations. Discover new opportunities for business growth and expansion. 
  • Partnering for Success: Real Stories, Real Results Hear firsthand accounts of success from Kymeta partners around the globe. Learn how collaboration with Kymeta has transformed businesses and empowered success. 
  • Empowering Your Journey: Support, Tools, and Extended Warranty Learn about the comprehensive support, tools, and extended warranty options available to ensure your success with Kymeta solutions. We're committed to providing the resources you need to thrive. 
  • Wrap Up and Interactive Q&A Session Conclude the summit with a group wrap-up session and interactive Q&A. Get answers to your burning questions and gain clarity on key takeaways from the day's discussions. 
  • Experience Kymeta in Action: Live Product Demo Witness the power of Kymeta's solutions firsthand with a live product demo. See how our innovative technology delivers seamless connectivity and empowers your business operations. 


19:00 – 23:00 Dinner on the Beach

April 5th

08:30 - 12:00 Private Meetings by Appointment Only

  • Exclusive Business-to-Business Consultations  
  • More Time with our Terminal: Hands-On Experience 

Event Location


David Geiling

Vice President Asia-Pacific

Keith Chiu

Solutions Engineer

Lilac Muller, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President of Product

Jonathan Osler

Senior Vice President, Global Sales and Services

Brenda Kuhns

Senior Director of Marketing