Connected. Anywhere.

Integrating Kymeta’s mTenna technology will enable the satellite industry to develop next generation solutions that open vast new markets for connectivity on an unprecedented scale. Learn more about Kymeta »

Kymeta is developing the mTenna suite of radically new satellite antennas. Built on electromagnetic metamaterials technology, our ultra-thin Ku- and Ka-band antennas use a holographic approach to electronically acquire, steer, and lock a beam to any satellite, with no moving parts. With the ability to exploit both the unicast and multicast power of fixed and mobile satellites, mTenna technology will allow the satellite industry to reach markets never before addressed.

Thinner, flatter, lighter antennas mean integrated solutions that are low profile and easy to install. No moving parts means less maintenance. And solutions empowered with mTenna technology will deliver levels of scalability and affordability far outside the scope of what is available today, due to our manufacturing methods that include innovative use of PCB technology, and the ability to leverage $200 billion of capital investment in the Thin Film Transistor (TFT) LCD industry.

In 2015, we are excited to release development kits to industry leaders, terminal integrators, and manufacturers so they may join us in ushering in a new generation of mobile satellite communications.

On land, at sea, in the air, and in space—if it moves, mTenna technology will keep it connected. Anywhere.