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Kymeta Access is a revolutionary application which functions as the primary user interface between the Kymeta u8 satellite terminal, the world’s only commercially available electronically steered, flat-panel ESIM platform with no moving parts using metamaterials, the Kymeta Connect virtual services platform and users at every level.

Connecting to the local hardware platform, Kymeta Access provides management, control, and monitoring of the hardware. It connects to the virtual platform to show subscription information, historical use metrics, and services information for registered customers of the Kymeta u8 terminal.

The application connects via Wi-Fi interface to the hardware platform or connects to the virtual platform over an internet connection.

Kymeta Access

Kymeta Access Portal

A web-based interface designed to manage a fleet of devices to include updating and managing fleet-wide subscriptions, historical usage metrics, and individual terminal information

Kymeta Access Application

An Android-native and iOS-native tablet application designed to interact directly with the terminal hardware as well as provide historical usage metrics, subscription information, and support connections


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