Kymeta makes connectivity on the water easy to access, always available, abundant and invisible.

How to Buy


With Kymeta connectivity, all onboard systems are connected and can be monitored, with live data instantly available. Efficiency throughout the ship is improved, while operational costs are decreased. Crew welfare is enhanced with the same quality connectivity experience at sea as in port.

Always Connected

The high-speed access Kymeta enables provides the ability to monitor remote offshore energy platforms via live video feeds and obtain real time data and analytics that can be used to improve efficiency, control environmental impacts, and enhance safety.

No Domes

Kymeta makes connectivity on yachts easy to access, always available, and invisible (or stylishly obvious). Access is omnipresent and easy to use and buy. Owners, captains and crew experience living-room connectivity on the water. Designers are released from including large, unsightly domes. Mobile connectivity on the water is now a reality.

Low Maintenance

Easy, high speed connectivity from Kymeta means tracking fishing fleets, scheduling crew members, and managing harvests. Industrial fishing operations, captains, and crew have the same quality wireless connectivity experience while at sea as they do when in port. Ship data is always available to both those on the ship and to management.


Light enough to hand carry, simple to set up and easy to use—Kymeta solutions are ideal for pleasure boats. Our low cost connected solution offers leisure boat manufacturers, OEMs, and captains a simple way to connect on the water.

A Complete Connectivity Solution


Kymeta Ku-band satellite terminals are lightweight, slim, and high-throughput, with no mechanical components required to steer towards a satellite.

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KĀLO Service

Providing convenient access for Kymeta’s revolutionary mobile communications solutions, KĀLO Service is the smarter way to buy satellite connectivity.

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