Kymeta News

March 18, 2015

USA. Kymeta appoints e3 Systems as its partner for customized flat panel antenna solutions for superyachts

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Satellite 2015 Conference and Exhibition, Washington, D.C., March 17, 2015 — e3 Systems, a leader in maritime telecommunications, IT, TV and content solutions for the superyacht market, announced today a partnership with Kymeta Corporation, the leading developer of metamaterials-based antenna technology, to provide customization services including Kymeta flat panel antenna solutions for superyachts.

The Kymeta flat panel antennas replace the need for large, mechanically stabilized antennas that until now have provided satellite internet services to yachts.  e3 customization services for superyachts will enable the next generation of communications using invisible antennas integrated into the superstructure of yachts.  “This is a major step forward in global satellite broadband connectivity and capabilities,” said Roger Horner, Managing Director of e3 Systems. “With Kymeta and Intellian partnering in the development of maritime terminals , and with global service from our major service provider using Intelsat’s network of satellites, we have a tremendously appealing and credible solution to offer the superyacht industry.”

e3 customization services will offer optimization of connectivity to superyachts across satellites, 4G/LTE and terrestrial broadband while cruising, or WiFi in port, enabling video streaming, video calling and other services required by  yacht owners, guests and crew. This high-speed connectivity also opens up a used range of communication solutions for yachts including IPTV, telematics and cloud-based services.

“Yachting is an exciting and compelling market opportunity,” said Nathan Kundtz, Kymeta’s President and CTO. “e3 is a key player in our vision to enable highly customizable communications services and solutions that far exceeds anything available to superyacht customers today.”