Kymeta’s Veterans: Transforming Military Skills into Business Success

Honoring Military

At Kymeta, we take immense pride in our team’s diversity and the unique experiences and skills each member brings. On Veterans Day, we have a special opportunity to recognize and honor the remarkable individuals who have served in our nation’s armed forces and forces across the globe.  Today, we come together to pay tribute to our dedicated Kymeta employees who have transitioned from military service to enrich our organization.   

Veterans bring a wealth of unique skills and experiences to our workforce, making them indispensable contributors to our team. Their military training instills qualities such as leadership, teamwork, and adaptability that seamlessly translate into our daily operations. Thanks to these valuable attributes, our veterans make substantial contributions across various departments, including program management, engineering, manufacturing, product, operations and customer-facing teams. Their diverse experiences and critical thinking are the driving force behind our company’s ability to innovate, succeed, and continuously improve our products. We are immensely grateful for the skills and dedication our veteran employees bring to Kymeta, which positively impact every facet of our organization.

This Veterans Day, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all veterans shown above and those not pictured. At Kymeta, we deeply appreciate our veteran employees and celebrate their ongoing contributions to our team. We encourage everyone to acknowledge and thank veterans for their service and the impact they continue to make. Thank you for your service.