Employee Spotlight: RC Díaz – Sr. Manager, Accounting at Kymeta

In our ongoing celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, we are delighted to shine a spotlight on one of our valued team members, RC Díaz. RC has been an integral part of the Kymeta family for the past three years, serving as our Senior Manager of Accounting. His journey at Kymeta has been marked by growth, dedication, and a passion for making a difference, both in the company and in his community.

RC’s background is a fusion of diverse cultures and inspiring family narratives. On his mother’s side, his family originates from the humble border town of Piedras Negras in Mexico. His grandfather’s pursuit of the American Dream, despite limited education, serves as a testament to resilience. Meanwhile, on his father’s side, Puerto Rican roots blend with New York City’s vibrancy. RC’s grandfather’s dedicated service in the US Air Force and his grandmother’s career at IBM add layers to his family’s history. This rich heritage has shaped RC’s character, enabling him to connect with people from all walks of life and making a positive impact within the Kymeta family and beyond.

When asked about what makes working at Kymeta unique, he highlights the exceptional nature of our company. As a rapidly growing organization in the technology sector, Kymeta offers its employees the opportunity to be part of a dynamic team that is shaping the future. He appreciates the chance to contribute to a company that delivers groundbreaking products to a world that is still evolving, and he finds this aspect of our work truly unique.

Despite working remotely, RC has managed to build strong bonds with his colleagues. He emphasizes the tight-knit relationships he shares with his team and others he interacts with daily. This sense of connection and camaraderie is a testament to Kymeta’s vibrant and inclusive company culture.

Describing Kymeta’s culture, RC highlights its fast-paced nature and the exceptional talent that drives our company forward. He commends the intelligence and execution capabilities of his colleagues, who consistently rise to the challenge of being part of a growing technology startup.

He deeply resonates with Kymeta’s mission and vision. As someone who values connectivity, he finds it remarkable that our company provides connectivity to previously unreachable places. He believes in the immeasurable potential impact of this work, aligning with our mission to connect the unconnected.

For RC, two core principles stand out: “Deliver bold results” and “Do the right thing.” In his role in finance and accounting, he sees these principles as non-negotiable. They guide his team in providing accurate and reliable financial information to internal stakeholders and investors, ensuring the integrity of Kymeta’s financial processes.

His team may be small, but its impact is mighty. He is consistently amazed by the team’s ability to navigate a rapidly changing environment and deliver high-quality work. RC is proud to be part of a team that cares deeply about both the company and its people, and he emphasizes the power of working together toward a common goal.

RC finds inspiration in several colleagues at Kymeta, including Alisa Garcia, Adam Einarsen, Tiff Case, Krista Ford, Chris Craft, and many others. Their dedication, attention to detail, and expertise motivate him to excel in his own role.

His journey at Kymeta has been marked by significant professional growth. Starting as a technical accounting resource, he has risen to a leadership role in the accounting department. His experience over the past three years has been transformative, both technically and managerially.

RC and his family welcoming their newborn baby girl

As a father of four, he values the ability to work from home. This flexibility allows him to seamlessly transition from work to family life, enabling him to be a present husband and father. Being there for his family coaching his sons’ soccer teams, and doing CrossFit are among his favorite ways to spend his time outside of work.

RC spends quality time with his family.
RC spends his leisure time working out.

Many may be surprised to learn that he serves on the board of directors of a local credit union with over $2 billion in assets. This additional responsibility reflects his commitment to financial excellence beyond his role at Kymeta.

RC lives by the motto, “Leave things better than you found them.” This principle, instilled in him by his parents, guides his approach to every aspect of life, whether at work or in his community involvement.

In celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, we salute RC for his remarkable contributions to Kymeta and for embodying our core values. He is an inspiring example of how dedication, passion, and a commitment to excellence can make a lasting impact. Thank you, RC, for being an integral part of our Kymeta family and for sharing your story with us during this special month of celebration.