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December 18, 2014

Kymeta Chosen By Geekwire As A Top Ten Seattle Startup


Kymeta's telecom technology for satellite broadband
Kymeta’s telecom technology

—Kymeta, Founded 2012, telecommunications, CEO Vern Fotheringham

Nomination pitch: Named by both CNBC and MIT as a Top 50 Most Disruptive technology company, Kymeta is the enabling technology opening vast new markets for satellite broadband to all types of connected vehicles (aeronautical/maritime/automotive) — and delivering ubiquitous mobile broadband on an unprecedented scale. Kymeta enables flatter, thinner, more efficient and less expensive devices and solutions, unlocking affordable broadband mobility offerings previously unavailable with traditional satellite technologies. Kymeta innovation introduces the world’s first metamaterials-based smart antennas. Kymeta’s solutions electronically and dynamically acquire, steer and lock our holographic beam on satellites with no moving parts, providing software-defined connectivity for mobile and fixed infrastructure.

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