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December 14, 2023

Kymeta Hawk u8 is the First Flat Panel Antenna to be approved on Eutelsat OneWeb’s LEO Network for land mobility

Kymeta Hawk u8 is the First Flat Panel Antenna to be approved on Eutelsat OneWeb’s LEO Network for land mobility

Launched in March 2023, Kymeta’s compact, low-power HawkTM u8 LEO terminal, will now be available for communications on the move.

Redmond, WA — December 14, 2023 – World-leading flat panel satellite antenna company Kymeta ( and satellite communications company Eutelsat Group ( today announced that the Kymeta electronically steered Hawk u8 LEO terminal is now approved for land mobility on the Eutelsat OneWeb LEO network, becoming the first flat panel antenna to be approved on their LEO network for land mobility.

This offering unlocks a new era of connectivity for customers who require exceptional performance and reliable connectivity while on the move.  Kymeta’s deep roots in providing mobility extend back to the launch of its first product in 2017. By tapping into Eutelsat OneWeb’s enterprise-grade connectivity network, all vehicles can now connect easily and seamlessly on the pause and on the move.

“This is an exciting time as we see every major industry such as emergency management, on road fleets and rail operators wanting to tap into mobile broadband as an efficient and effective means to transform their operations,” said Walter Berger, President and Co-CEO, Kymeta, “As a proud partner of Eutelsat Group, today marks a milestone for Kymeta because it represents the fulfillment of our joint commitment to enable satellite communications on the move globally.”

Massimiliano Ladovaz, Chief Operations Officer at Eutelsat Group, said “Kymeta offers a high-bandwidth, low-power, fully integrated family of high throughput mobile terminals. Eutelsat OneWeb’s LEO satellite network will give Kymeta customers access to high-speed, low-latency broadband connectivity while on the move or while stationary in even the remotest parts of the world.”

About Kymeta

Kymeta is the industry leader in flat panel satellite antennas, providing purpose-built solutions across a variety of enterprise and military applications and unlocking the commercial value of space to address the vast, unmet demand for ubiquitous broadband and truly mobile connectivity for customers around the world. Its innovative metasurface technology, coupled with a software-first approach, delivers the first commercially available, metamaterial-based and electronically steered flat panel satellite antenna. Kymeta’s low-cost, low-power and high throughput solutions make it easy to connect on the move or while stationary – for any vehicle, vessel, aircraft, or fixed platform – enabling industries on earth to transform their operations by harnessing capacity in space.

Kymeta is a privately held company based in Redmond, Washington.

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About Eutelsat Group

Eutelsat Group is a global leader in satellite communications, delivering connectivity and broadcast services worldwide. The Group was formed through the combination of the Company and OneWeb in 2023, becoming the first fully integrated GEO-LEO satellite operator with a fleet of 36 Geostationary satellites and a low Earth orbit (LEO) constellation of more than 600 satellites.

The Group addresses the needs of customers in four key verticals of Video, where it distributes more than 6,500 television channels, and the high-growth connectivity markets of Mobile Connectivity, Fixed Connectivity, and Government Services.

Eutelsat Group’s unique suite of in-orbit assets enables it to deliver integrated solutions to meet the needs of global customers. The Company is headquartered in Paris and the Eutelsat Group employs more than 1,700 people across more than 50 countries. The Group is committed to delivering safe, resilient, and environmentally sustainable connectivity to help bridge the digital divide. The Company is listed on the Euronext Paris Stock Exchange (ticker: ETL) and the London Stock Exchange (ticker: ETL)




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